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Appliance411 does not track nor catalog any e-mail address that may from time to time be posted by users of this site, such as in our 'Q&A Forum', our 'Refer This Site' service or received in e-mail communications. We do not provide to nor allow the use of such information by third parties.

About cookies and Appliance411

From time to time features at Appliance411 may attempt to set a cookie on your computer. This information is used only to enhance the experience of the services we offer and never used to track the movement of users through our site.

Furthermore, any information recorded in such a way is never made available to third parties nor even seen by us. Only the automated features that depend on them, have access to the information that has been stored.

Sponsors and advertisers of Appliance411 may attempt to set a cookie when one of their advertisements is displayed on our site. Those advertisers are solely responsible for the use of that information. Appliance411 and its staff have no control over such data nor are we kept apprised of what information may be gathered.

For more information on cookies (the computer type) see by David Whalen.

Content supplier to Appliance411

The author of any site suggestions, comments or questions supplied to Appliance411 or posted in the various interactive user areas do hereby grant Appliance411 and its operators permission to display the afore mentioned material. All such material is covered by the copyright of the Appliance411 web site under US, Canadian and other country's laws and may not be reproduced by others in whole or in part without the expressed permission of the Appliance411 webmaster.

Identifying personal information such as last name and contact e-mail address will NOT be used, disseminated or displayed without the expressed permission of those authors unless those parties themselves post that information for public view on areas of this site.

Contact the webmaster

If you have any questions or comments about your privacy on the Appliance411 web site, please e-mail the Webmaster with them.

We will NOT reply to appliance related questions via e-mail.

You can send your comments to webmaster@appliance411.com

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